About Paperquest

Beginning in 1995 as a paper stock-lot trading company we have gained a very large customer base worldwide. The company noticed the large volumes of surplus stocks at large commercial printers and realising its uses in the overseas markets began to export. From purchasing and stocking redundant, B-grade, and excess stocks, we filled a void in the market that few companies serviced.

Since then we have exported many tonnes all over the world including countries such as Indonesia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Seychelles, Fiji, Europe, Turkey, The Caribbean and Africa.

Over the past 20 years we have built a great customer network world wide, we can always provide an outcome for your ever-growing piles of paper, no matter how big or SMALL.

Whilst stock-lot exporting is still a part of our business, our greater focus is on stocking Packaging board reels that satisfy the full range of solid fibre packaging carton requirements from pharmaceutical to drink carrier and grease barrier boards to pallet liners and layer pads.

Our paper cutter/sheeter is capable of sheeting bespoke sizes in a single pass to satisfy 99% of required sizes for carton board printers. Minimum width and length approximately 400mm to maximum approximately 1700mm depending on the substrate.

We have a cutting machine capable of reworking large rolls up to 4 metres wide 1.8 metres diameter down to narrower rolls which is particularly suited to salvaging water damaged rolls.


Warehousing is a key component of any supply chain, so getting it right when providing a logistics solution is paramount. Working closely with other companies whom specialize in transport we can provide the best outcome for our customers Australian wide.

With our large truck fleet, we can provide exceptional same day deliveries upon every order, making it possible to be able to meet customer requirements.

Our large warehousing facilities make importing and exporting possible for anything, we work closely with clients to help maximise their savings on import and export costs and we also offer storage solutions.

With our worldwide data base, we can always find the right products for the local market at the right price, just ask if you have any queries’ and will be happy to help.